Fresh Windows Mobile 6.5 build 23022 screenshots have surfaced and there’s even a Pocketnow video demo of the new OS in action, available below. What you need to know about this build is that it comes with new and finger-friendly buttons, like those in the bottom softkey bar:

The folks of the XDA community have already dissected the OS and we learn that by this Fall we’ll be seeing devices on the market running the finished version of the operating system. Some new features included in the 23022 build hint at the fact that we could see a new version of the OS, something between WM 6.5 and 7 surfacing specially for handsets with capacitive displays.

Three main feats should be noticed in the video above: the iPhone-like magnifier for easier text editing, the larger notification area (becomes so if you tap the top bar) and the relocation of the OK/close button to the bottom bar.

[via Engadget Mobile]