Things are getting more and more official in the Windows Phone 7 Series universe, as we’ve just spotted a nice promo of the new platform, available in the video below. Also, we get to learn more on the features of the OS and how it uses a cloud solution to combine work and play functions.


With the new OS, Microsoft is trying to connect the user to the cloud, an environment that holds his most important info, from contacts to files, music, videos and pictures. They’ll be available no matter where you are, thanks to WP7. You just have to log in by using a Windows Live ID on a device and it’ll instantly be populated with content and the info you need.

The cool thing is that you won’t need syncing anymore, at least not with a PC, since the cloud takes care of everything. Work email is handled with Exchange, work documents are available thanks to SharePoint synching, while pictures will be pulled to your device via the same cloud. Contacts, multiple calendars, music, apps and games will also be taken care of with the fun part of the OS being all about Xbox Live Arcade.

The drawback? No copy/paste (at launch) and the fact that only some native apps support multitasking…

[via windowsphone.mobilitydigest]

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