Microsoft is slowly approaching the level of Apple and Google when it comes to the number of modern mobile apps it offers on its very own smartphone platform. Now they’ve just reached an important landmark: 100k apps. The number was confirmed by All About Windows Phone, claiming that MS reached 100,145 apps in the Marketplace in just 20 months.


Devs may have published over 100,000 apps in the store, but only 88,371 are live right now in the Marketplace. Microsoft reached the 100,000 apps milestone faster than Android, but much slower than iOS. Android took merely 24 months to reach this milestone, while iOS needed only 16 months. What’s really impressive is that Microsoft took only 14 months to reach 50k apps and only a few more months to double the figure, an impressive achievement. The largest app category in the Windows Phone Marketplace is Entertainment, with 18,867 apps.

Next up come Tools and Productivity with 14,591 apps and Books and Reference with 12,816 apps. Games are surprisingly placed lower, with 12,212 apps and I’m surprised because they’re a vital part of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, while on Windows Phone they don’t matter that much…

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