There were lots of theories regarding today’s event hosted by Microsoft: a Nokia Lumia tablet being unveiled, a reference design with Win 8 on board, maybe Windows Phone 8 and now apparently an Xbox tablet is also in the mix. The event starts in about 3 hours if you’re interested and the specs of the Xbox tablet leaked online courtesy of LiveSide among others.

Dubbed Xbox Surface, the tablet packs a 7 inch 1280 x 720 pixel display, an SD card slot, 4GB of DRAM memory and 250 GB of storage. Other features include WiFi, Bluetooth a total of 12 cores of processing via the two IBM Power7 SCMs processors. Add to that 4 USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI and even a Kinect control method, maybe through a camera that will also serve for videocalls. Obviously, you should take all of the info with a grain of salt, but it does sound pretty plausible to me.

The device even supports up to 4 wireless game controllers, has one headphone port and can output video up to 1440p. Full Direct3D 11 support is on the list as well and I can only imagine the kickass gaming we’re going to get out of this slate… So, what do you think… is this real?

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