Last month, more precisely on July 29, a fuss was starting to show up on the web around Xiaomi. As you may know, at that time we were the ones who spread the information about the fact that Xiaomi smartphones are sending photos and texts to Chinese servers without the users knowledge, a information that was seen after on a lot of tech websites.



Now, Hugo Barra, Vice President of International at Xiaomi , said through a Google+ post that soon users will be able to choose if they want to keep the uploading service or not. This service is called MIUI Cloud Messaging and stores user’s personal messages on a servers. However, it seems that this one makes a lot more than just keeping messages.

It was reported that Xiaomi phones were secretly sending IMEI number of the phones, user’s phone number and phone contacts, information that can be used by the Chinese government. Hugo Barra said that MIUI Cloud Messaging is now optional and no longer automatically activate users.

MIUI Cloud Messaging   Privacy Xiaomi is a mobile Internet company committed…

It seems that an OTA system update is expected to be released today in order to implement the change. Once the update is installed, users will be able to turn off the Cloud Messaging from the Settings menu. Yet, this fuss made Xiaomi lost a little bit of its popularity on the market. What do you think will happen next? Does this update offers the safety that our personal information aren’t uploaded anymore?

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