This year, the Russian company Yota launched their latest smartphone called YotaPhone 2, device that like its predecessor comes with a E-Ink display placed on the back, and a regular LCD one on the front. Even if we get high-end specs in the package, the price of this device is a little bit high, and from what we get to know today it seems that Yota could launch a cheaper version of it.



The information arrived from the company’s Managing Director for the America. He said that YotaPhone 2 will have 2 successors if the sales of the current phone are showing a possible success on the market. Among the upcoming dual-display phones we might have the YotaPhone 3 and the YotaPhone 2c.

While further details are missing from the story, the YotaPhone 2c might be after all a cheaper version of the actual phone available on the market, or maybe a compact one. According to the company, YotaPhone 3 will bring a faster processor, a better display and more RAM memory.


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