A few hours ago, during a special event held by retailer Alibaba in Beijing, the brand new platform YunOS 3.0 debuted. It comes with the brand new service Cloud Card, that runs entirely in the cloud and offers the user the option to select moves, movie tickets, taxi services and more.

yunos 5

This will create a series of cards shown on the screen, in Google Now fashion. You’ll also get recommendations of movies, games and local avtivities.  Partnership with a new taxi company based in the new forest allows the recommendation of nearby cabs and transport services. Search has also been enhanced, with map details for restaurants, contact data, user reviews and more. YunOS 3.0 features beefed up security and a way to “freeze apps” by pulling the desktop with two fingers (at least that’s what I understood from the poorly translated Chinese source).

Alibaba has also added to its hardware partners companies like Philips and Meizu, that will implement their OS on their devices. YunOS has over 10 million users right now and we’ve seen leaks of Meizu phones with the 3.0 platform on board. In the future Yun OS will come to watches, cars and more devices, maybe even TVs. I have to say that its cards remind me of WebOS a bit…

via news.mydrivers.com