One of Engadget Mobile’s readers recently received a Verizon survey that asked him about a hypothetical 3 inch touchscreen phone with support for detachable modules. Speculations claim that this might be the LG VX9600 handset we’ve seen arriving in the hands of the FCC folks a while back.

VX9600 also featured a game pad and a detachable keyboard, so the resemblance is stunning. Back to the survey, it claims that the device will be able to use an attached keyboard, game pad, stereo speakers and even an Internet module with WiFi support. Verizon might be readying a surprise launch right now, plus we know that it’s thinking about naming the handset “Phenom”, “Clip” or “Versa”.

Still in the speculations area, we got word of a November launch date for this modular device, but take all of this info with a huge grain of salt.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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