6 GB RAM phones are quickly becoming a norm nowadays, after being stunning for one or two months. Last year, in the Spring everybody was still amazed that the ZenFone 2 had 4 GB RAM and now nobody bats an eye when 8 GB is rumored for the Surface Phone. Anyway, today we caught a glimpse at AnTuTu’s top 10 results for the month of may, that includes the highest ranking phones.


Although most of them are units with Snapdragon 820 and 4 or 6 GB of RAM, plus Quad HD screen, there’s the odd intruder. Ranking among the top 3 for example is the Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro, with  a Full HD screen. The top two are Vivo Xplay5 Elite and the LeEco Max 2, respectively and placed fourth there’s Xiaomi Mi 5, who is in very select company.

The Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6S also make the cut, together with the iPhone SE, LG G5 and a surprising Huawei V8. Meizu Pro 6 ends the list and I’m shocked there’s no Galaxy S7 here or the HTC 10, that would certainly deserve inclusion. 6 GB of RAM has just become the norm and we expect more and more models to adopt this RAM quantity.

The June top may look the same, plus the OnePlus 3 may make the cut.

via slashgear