HTC has a mini remote for its HTC One devices, if I remember correctly, but this segment appears to be growing today, as Alcatel has a new phone remote as well. The device goes by the name Alcatel OneTouch RC20 Smart Control and it showed up at the FCC this week.


The user manual claims this is a Bluetooth device that can locate your phone, takes photos using the handset remotely and control the torch feature. The gadget is circular and small, about the size of a stopwatch. It comes with a single LED light and a single function button, plus an app associated to it. The Smart Remote app needs to be installed on your phone and the device paired via Bluetooth for everything to work.


You can press the button to make the phone ring or vibrate and locate it if it’s lost. You can also press a button on your phone to make the Smart Remote make a sound, if you lost that gadget. There’s also a Smart Remote function to trigger the phone’s camera in order to take a picture without touching the handset. It’s not yet clear is this device works with any phone or just Alcatel OneTouch units.

I’d see this product rather bundled with phones, than sold separately.



via Liliputing

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