July was the month when we first saw Aliyun OS, the product created by the famous Asian e-tailer Alibaba. AT that time, the handset running this platform was the W700, that now gets a follow-up, the W800. This model is pictured below, with a tablet that relies on cloud solution, according to people close to the source.


The W800 has the same looks as the original model and it comes with the 1GHz Tegra 2 processor by Nvidia. The difference between the W800 and the W700 stands in the 4.3 inch display, while other specs remain unknown. As far as the unnamed tablet above goes, this is clearly based on Nvidia tech, if we’re to judge by the Nvidia branding it sports.

This is not a Kal-El device, else we would have known that from a while ago, when Nvidia decided to detail its future chipset. Price and release date are unknown by both Alibaba products, but sometime before the end of November is a safe bet, according to Engadget Chinese. Of course, their launch is limited to Asia…

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