Alpine Electronics, a company famous for its automotive systems and audio gear has just announced a partnership with Nokia and NAVTEQ, meant to implement a new technology called Terminal Mode on car infotainment systems. This technology will provide Nokia Ovi services, powered by NAVTEQ maps with the aid of smartphones integrated into the car’s dashboard.


Once the handset is integrated into the car’s system, it’ll make available widget-based services (music, weather reports, navigation and app stores), plus the standard call and talk functions directly from the car environment. The new technology allows the user to access all of these features through high res displays and audio systems incorporated into the car.

The system was developed in cooperation with CE4A and we learn that such an advanced level of connectivity between a handset and the car will provide key info, like fuel level and engine status, combined with GPS info and location-based services. The latter will show the closest petrol station, lowest prices and even offer e-coupons for free coffees.

The connection between the phone and the infotainment system will be made either by Bluetooth or USB cable, with hands-free controls being available.


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