Nokia World 2011 came and went, with the promise to bring Windows Phone devices made by Nokia at some point… in 2012. It’s strange to see a popular device made by a European company and running an American OS hitting Europe and maybe even Asia first and then the United States. Well, getting past this US frustration, at least we have AT&T ready to launch the Lumias…


Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 are the models we’re talking about, the ones that are coming early next year in the States, according to rumors. Right not France already has the phones, for example, or at least the Nokia Lumia 800, available on Orange France for 99 EUR with contract. We’re still expecting a third WP Mango device from the Finns, the Nokia 900 Ace, but that may come later on, although leaks have already unveiled it.

Of course, there’s that rumor about Nokia Win 8 tablets, that even got some official confirmation over the past days. The only problem here is that HTC and Samsung will probably already heave a couple of hit devices with WP7 in the USA by the time the Lumias arrive. However, MS has hundreds of millions of dollars ready to promote these products, so big win for AT&T.

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