Straight from Mexico comes potential info about the next Symbian versions, that will once again adopt the names of ladies. I’m talking about Symbian Carla and Donna, that follow up on the footsteps of Belle and Anna. The information comes from Symbianlatino and a quick translation reveals the features of the new platforms in the following lines.

Symbian Carla is supposed to bring version 8.0 of the browser, Dolby surround sound, NFC and better widgets, while Symbian Donna will only work on dual core smartphones. Carla is supposed to take off in late 2012 or early 2013 and it will arrive on some potent smartphones, maybe even including the successor of the N8, that was confirmed recently.

Donna will follow up with dual core CPU love and supposedly it will be the last Symbian ever, the end of an era, as Windows Phone becomes the main platform for Nokia and maybe some reborn MeeGo or Maemo flavour. The source of the leak says that all current Symbian^3 devices will get Carla, but Donna will strictly be dual core affair.

Don’t take these details for granted, especially with the poor blurrycam shot above, but they’re certainly something to start with.

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