BlackBerry isn’t banking all its fortune on a single device, the Venice Android unit, but rather preparing more handsets for the following period. Now there’s fresh speculation in town about a so called BlackBerry Dallas, that has just been certified for the Singapore and Malaysian market.



This model has been spotted under the codename SQW100-4 and it has also been known before as the “Oslo” model. In Singapore it has been certified by the IDA and in Malaysia by the e-CoM authority. This Oslo/Dallas newcomer is supposed to be a China-specific unit, that has in the meantime expanded to being an EMEA and APAC product. Then the rumors changed again and placed it as a T-Mobile exclusive device.


It’s not very clear where the Dallas is going and the latest speculation talks about a revamped BlackBerry Passport for the US market and a few more countries. Just as we were rounding up all the rumors, a third certification came out of Indonesia, where the phone was certified by e-POSTEL. In my mind there’s no doubt we’ll see an Asian release of the phone, maybe exclusively.

via crackberry

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