Foxconn’s expansion can’t be stopped by anything and it’s not just the fact they’ve been chosen by Nokia to manufacture their “future” basically, but the fact that they’re expanding to other countries. First came the expansion to India, that made sense, seeing how smartphone demand is huge there and now to Brazil.



Foxconn Electronics has confirmed it will be producing Xiaomi and Asustek smartphones in its Brazilian facilities. This happens just as Xiaomi is preparing to launch its entry level Hong Mi/Red Rice 2 smartphone in Brazil, while ASUS prepares the ZenFone 2 for an August debut in the same country. The production of the two models will be handled by EMS provider Foxconn Electronics in a local plant.

Usually, the Brazilian government imposes high customs tariff rates on imported consumer electronics, making Brazil one of the countries with the highest smartphone prices on the globe. That’s why quite a few companies have resorted to making devices in plants built in the country. Rates are lower on electronic components and not only Foxconn has a facility here, but also Quanta and Compal, too. Hong Mi 2 goes on sale in Brazil for $160, while the ZenFone 2 will probably cost a bit more.

via Digitimes

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