The latest BlackBerry Bold model is available in two versions, 9900 and 9930 and it was recently caught on camera in Vietnam. The video is available below and we get more of a hardware tour, than a software one. The Bold 9900 is the GSM model and the 9930 is the CDMA one, in case you’re wondering.

This unit combines a 2.8 inch touchscreen, with a comfortable QWERTY keboard and the innovative BlackBerry 7 OS. At some point we’ll also get QNX OS running on this model and RIM is claiming that the browser on the handset is along with the elite in the industry. We’ve also got a 1.2GHz processor on board for extra power.

The launch date of the smartphone is in Q3, at least for the United States. You also get 8GB of memory and a camera capable of 720p HD video capture, plus WiFi on this handset.

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