BlackBerry Classic is another handset that can give you productivity features, aside from the Passport. This model comes with a very good browser and also some nifty camera features, that are detailed below.



For example, we’ve got the Panorama Mode, that allows you to take wide panoramic photos. It’s simply activated by panning left or right, but I sure hope it’s better than the panorama of the BlackBerry Passport, that I recently tested. There’s also an offline time shift mode, that captures a series of photos in a urst, selecting the perfect moment in time.

Offline mode also allows you to edit the photo at a later time. There’s also a timer for your photos, HDR, burst and you can activate camera features using the physical keyboard. You can use the trackpad, spacebar, volume buttons or try tapping an icon on the screen. Once again I sure hope the camera samples are better than the ones of the Passport.


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