The day you’ve been waiting for is here! The folks of Engadget have got their hands on the hottest smartphone of the moment, BlackBerry Storm, the long-awaited RIM rival for the iPhone. The first touchscreen BlackBerry is also Verizon’s hope of having a merry, merry Christmas as they try to compete with AT&T and their hot Samsung devices plus the above-mentioned iPhone.


But does Storm live up to the expectations?

Engadget thinks so, as they claim that the device’s hype was well deserved… Storm is a pleasure to use, to hold and keep hold of, but it isn’t as “easy, enjoyable or consistent to use as the iPhone”. Its primary advantage is the clickable screen, which seemed hotter in theory, but mind you, there’s a great learning curve to be faced when using the new BlackBerry.

It’s a complex device above all and specs aside, some of us really like to get things going from the moment we boot a device, without prior manual reading and learning. What can you do, we’re lazy beings…

Engadget also mentions software lag and the lack of a decent typing option, but check out their review for more details and positive aspects maybe.

[via Engadget]

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