RCDb and Nortel have developed an interactive app called Video Bulletin Board which allows mobile phones to interface with Blu-ray players in a way never done before. For example, the user of a cellphone might be able to send a photo to his player of his friend’s Blu-ray deck (which uses the app).

The receiver will view the photo and use the player’s remote to activate a call back feature, which makes him call the person who sent the photo. Engadget Mobile even goes as far as to predict that ordering pizza via your Blu-ray player will be possible in the next years… it may be!

[via Engadget Mobile]

  • couch potato

    if communications can truley converge at a blu-ray player then that can be a simpler buy decision for tha consumer. consumers are also subscribers of a service provider comunication service so taping into that suite of multimedia services from their TV allows friends and family around the world to now share memories with gramdma at her TV and shae cancall back with a simple click on the remote.