This year at CES 2015, LG Electronics also showed up beside hardware products, its strategy regarding consumer electronics, stategy that will be focused on high-end products in order to extend the business opportunities in US and globally.



According to Kwon Havis, LG’s TV business Vice President, this year the company is determined to offer new innovative next-gen products such as OLED and ULTRA HD TVs, and also to improve the convergence strategy that will allow the introduction of a lot of different products from Internet of Things category.


Kwon also showed that LG will focus mostly on the competitiveness of the products and their prices, thing that will put the company in a favorable position in the context of the currently increasing competition from the Chinese producers. LG is decided to implement a lot of marketing solutions that will make LG a very competitive brand on the market.

Among the strategies unveiled at CES that have as purpose the consolidation of LG’s leadership in the home entertainment market he have:

  1. Maintaing the leadership position in the world’s OLED televisions market
  2. Extending the penetration of LG in the 4K TV market
  3. Getting a dominating position when it comes to a great user experience
  4. Strengthening its IT and AV products competitiveness on the market
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