The global smartphone market is still growing, in spite of the fact that for example the tablet market is stalling and even decreasing lately. However, even the handsets are slated to slow down their growth, although the Chinese makers will remain a force in this field. A Trendforce analysis has more details on that.



2016 brill bring a global smartphone market growth of just 5.7%, apparently, but China’s market will contribute greatly, with a 15.6% growth of its own. TrendForce also has details about the biggest brands from China, about to get bigger this year. First of all, Lenovo will benefit from merging with Motorola by growing 21.4% this year.


Huawei comes next, after selling 100 million phones last year, they’re said to reach 130 million in 2016, courtesy of a 16.7% growth. Then come Oppo and Vivo combined, almost reaching 100 million units last year and bound to reach 110 million in 2016, as they grow by 14.6%. Xiaomi is content with a 12.5% increase in sales and they’ll be focusing on the Indian market and other areas.

It remains to be seen how Apple and Samsung can alter those figures.


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