Chinese President Xi Jinping must be amassing quite a smartphone collection, since he already got a YotaPhone 2 handset from Russian president Vladimir Putin last year and now he gets a new handset. This time he received a ZTE Axon during his visit in USA, that started in Seattle.


Xi Jinping Axon

In office from 2013, the Chinese head of state is also going to meet US President Barack Obama, where he may or may not receive yet another handset. We’re surprised to see he got a ZTE Axon as a gift and not a pure American product, like maybe an iPhone. However, seeing China’s stance on using Microsoft or Apple products in its institutions for fear of espionage, it’s clear why the gift was the Axon.


This smartphone is actually a pretty interesting product, both because of its Oriental styling and the fact that it debuted in USA first and then at IFA 2015 in Europe. It comes with a dual back camera, a leather upper back part and big front speakers. Xi Jinping is also expected to make a policy speech in the company of Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, so that’s yet another opportunity to score a Lumia maybe…

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