If you’ve watched our reviews of the Huawei P8, P8 Lite and Honor 6 models, you may have noticed that they have quite a bit of bloatware on board. That goes against current trends that saw the likes of Samsung keeping preinstalls apps to a bare minimum and offering the option to uninstall apps on their 2015 phones. Well, Huawei also seems ready for a similar approach.


They’ve started doing a survey about preinstalled apps on Android, asking a question that goes like this: “Are you OK with pre-installed 3rd party Android apps on your device?”. Even Tim Cook hinted recently at the fact that in the future Apple devices may allow the uninstalling of the apps they have on board. Anyway, back to Huawei’s question, it has 3 answers to choose from and here they are:

1. Yes, I am OK with 3rd party apps
2. I don’t care, as long as I can uninstall them
3. No, I want only Google’s default Android apps

Even Google has started exaggerating a bit with the number of preinstalled apps and just the other day I woke up with Google Street View on the Huawei Mate S I was testing, yet another Google app to add to the Google suite. What’s your answer here? You can find the survey here.

via Reddit