Nokia has just announced that it is developing a smart home platform bearing the name of Nokia Home Control Center. The solution will handle the security features and energy management of your house, all of them controllable via mobile or PC. In a nutshell you’ll control your house’s temperature, energy consumption and alarms from your cellphone….

Going to the details, Nokia informs us that Home Control Center will support the monitoring and control of electricity usage, switching devices on and off, monitoring temperature, camera and motion etc. Also, the Finns claimed that in the future this system will be connected to the house’s security, heating and ventilation systems.

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Today Nokia also announced their partnership with RWE, an important European energy company. Together, they aim to better manage energy consumption and CO2 in homes, with the aid of Nokia’s technology. Their first joint solution will surface in 2009 and will handle heating management, while the interface will be present on PCs and mobile phones.

For more details, check out Nokia’s official site.

[via Nokia]