Let’s speculate a bit on the event that just started today, in Las Vegas. Or rather, let’s hear the speculations of Phone Arena, who spotted no less than 4 events related to HTC in this year’s CTIA show.



As usual, CTIA will be plagued by the fact that it follows shortly after Mobile World Congress, which is very hard to beat, since it hosts so many innovations. However, MWC is usually the playground for European and Asian companies, while at CTIA, the American brands show their upcoming goodies. So, we might be seeing the Sprint G2 in action, the new Touch Diamond on Verizon getting demoed and maybe even AT&T’s Samsung BlackJack 3.

A couple of days ago, we found out that CTIA 2009 is going to be more about software, services and solutions, than new devices and smartphones. Will be able to play with Omnia HD and Toshiba TG01? Or will these 3 days in Vegas reveal that handset makers are slowing down the tempo in order to adjust to the suffering economy? We’ll find out… soon enough.

[via mobilitysite]

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