Recently there were some articles highlighting Russia’s attempt to distance itself from American companies, by removing iPads from official institutions for security fears and also trying to leave behind American chip makers. The latter seems impossible, because you can’t actually have a modern device without an Intel, AMD, Qualcomm or MediaTek CPU inside, right? Well, now there’s an octa core chipset from Russia…



It’s called Elbrus-8C and it’s detailed in the image above. This octa core chip is clocked at 1.3 GHz, relies on 28 nm manufacturing processor and it’s supposed to replace US chips. The processor offers a computing power of 250 gigaflops and it will enter production this autumn. It relies on 64 bit architecture, level 2 cache of 4 megabytes and level 3 of 16 megabytes. For starters the Elbrus product will be implemented on computers, servers and workstations, but it may also arrive on other devices in the future.

The 8 core CPU can perform 25 operations on a single core and in a single clock cycle. It has multi thread support and special security features, including a memory control feature. The next logical step is probably an offer form an US chipmaker to buy the technology, but they’ll probably say no this time…

Via tablet news

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