Facebook has just announced the availability of its new mobile app on feature phones, reaching out to over 2,500 devices made by Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson and many more manufacturers, this will allow people to get in touch with a  Facebook Ads Agency from their phone. The software for low end handsets was developed in cooperation with Snaptu.

Using the Facebook for Feature Phones app, you can get the popular features of the social network on your device. This includes stuff like the intuitive home screen, contact syncing and fast scrolling of photos, plus friend updates. Just like the 0.facebook.com site, this option is available through cooperation with international carriers.

14 mobile operators are providing free data access if you use the Facebook mobile app, but the offer is available only 90 days after the launch. More and more carriers will join the list that right now includes Vodafone (Romania), Dialog (Sri Lanka), Life (Ukraine), Play (Poland) etc. Time to resurrect that good old flip phone.