The head of the Firefox Mobile project has told the BBC that the Fennec browser is days away from launch and it seems that it’ll be available on Nokia’s N900, before other platforms. Final testing is what’s happening right now and we’re expecting a 2009 release, hopefully.



This is an open source browser, that’ll be able to sync with the desktop version of the software. All the information on your desktop browser is encrypted and sent back through the cloud establishing a constant link between the browsers.

At first, the software will be available for download from the Mozilla website, then reaching Nokia’s Ovi Store, in order for the N900 users to get it. Next up will be a Windows Mobile version of the browser and one for Google Android. Even Apple’s iPhone came up at some point, but the odds for such a version are minimal.

Fennec has been in development for at least an year and a half and it keeps most of the features of the desktop version, from tabbed browsing, to a an address bar/search box, plus minor mobile-only add-ons.

[via windowsphonethoughts]

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