Fennec alpha has arrived, as you might already know, but in case you don’t have the time, patience and curiosity to test it, there’s a neat walkthrough video to watch below, showing Firefox Mobile in action on Nokia N810:



The Fennec Alpha walkthrough was done by Madhava Enros, who starts his introduction by switching to fullscreen mode and taking us on a tour of this magical software. Mozilla’s main goals were using as much screen space as possible and minimizing typing, as we found out from the maker of the clip.

Just tap bookmark and go to your favourite site, or tap the search bar to make it list the frequently accessed sites or the last ones you’ve been on. The “awesome bar” is here, offering the user suggestions as he types various words or phrases. Notice another sort of search bar along the bottom of the screen, which shows famous search options like Google, Yahoo, Amazon or Answers.

Madhava Enros does a little bit of panning, so we get to see the back and forward buttons, side tabs and we also find out other features of this mobile browser (password management, popup blockers, browser preferences, a download manager and plugins menu).

[via Madhava]

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