Even if Foxconn is currently searching new ways to improve the assembly process of the devices, it seems that for the moment they’re don’t have the luck on their side. More precisely, we get to know that recently Foxconn introduced a couple of robots to help on the assembly of the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus, a program that isn’t so great so far.



However, it seems that these robots aren’t precise enough for Apple. As we get to know, these robots don’t offer a perfect accuracy when it comes to simple tasks like the assembly of large components or tightening screws. In doing this task, the robots manager to offer an accuracy of only 0.05 mm, a number with 0.03 mm bigger than the standard accepted by Apple.

Beside the fact that this first generation of robots is compromised, Foxconn wants to build another generation of robots in the future. According to a recent report, Foxconn employed 100.000 people for the iPhone 6 assembly, personal that could be replaced by robots in the future.

via: macrumors.com

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