Mobile DTV broadcasting will go live the US later this year, bringing free mobile TV to 22 cities. You’ll only need a compatible DTV receiver to get the over the air broadcast and 63 TV stations will be available, with the following segmentation: “4 NBC affiliates, nine ABC affiliates, nine CBS affiliates, five FOX affiliates, nine ION Television affiliates, four CW affiliates and four MyNetworkTV affiliates, along with nine additional PBS stations that are in discussions with the OMVC to join the 2009 launch”.



With such a neat offer, we can say that any member of the public will have something to watch, once the service gets going. The most important word that defines this new technology offer is “free”, an argument that beats anything in the current economical depression.

There’s also a high potential for profit, since the compatible hardware does cost a buck or two, but at least we get a free service afterwards.

[via IntoMobile]

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