Even if on the market we see more and more high-end devices that are coming with great hardware specs and display panels with huge resolution, we’re forgetting something very important, the energy needed in order to use such devices that are not good enough when it comes to autonomy.


However, in the future we’ll be lucky, as Dr. Wang, professor at the Georgia Tech University unveiled a technology called triboelectric effect. This technology was discovered back in 1757 by John Carl Wilcke and is currently used even by NASA.

Dr. Wang let us know that this technology could be seen in the future on smartphones too, Samsung already publishing a brevet for an application that uses the triboelectric effect. By implementing such a technology, the phone will be charged every time we’re using the touchscreen of the device, the touches generating energy. For more info you can watch the above video. What do you think about this technology?

via: patentlyapple.com