Getclicky has just made available a new global marketshare interface, adding many new features. If you’re familiar with this service, you should know that the reports provided till now only measured the marketshare of browsers and OS family.



Now, thanks to the new interface and upgrades, Getclicky offers data, both globally and by country, a breakdown of browsers and OS by version and a comparison feature. Search engine marketshare is also available, as well as desktop vs mobile data for browsers, OS and search engines.  Last, Getclicky will provide info about the mobile phone marketshare, video game console marketshare and all in all, you’ll be getting more accurate data, calculating all traffic coming into Clicky.

The service is updated in real time and we can see that the stats have shown that the iPhone is leading the pack, as far as mobile phone marketshare is concerned, with a 50% share, while BlackBerries are much lower, as shown by this comparison.

On the mobile web browsers market, Safari Mobile holds a 60% share, followed by the BlackBerry browser, Opera Mobile and Internet Explorer Mobile.

[via getclicky]

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