We usually check out iFixit’s teardowns of phones to find out just how easy to repair they are, but today we’ve got a dissection from another site. It’s IT168 that’s taking apart the Huawei P9 this time and they’re doing a pretty good job.



We don’t get a repairability score, but we do get the confirmation that some optical elements are made by Sunny from China, as we uncovered here. The teardown seems to reveal there aren’t many screws in the mix and I also don’t see a ton of glue. The battery is quite hefty, taking up quite a bit of space inside the case. The camera area is surprisingly small, considering how good it is.


I guess the actual work goes down in the ISP and DSP processors, that have to deal with the signal processing part of the action. Components seem a bit crowded inside and I look forward to iFixit’s teardown, so we learn how easy the screen is to replace and whether or not it’s fused with the glass panel.  I see the back panel is crazy thin, just like it feels in real life when touched.




via androidheadlines.com

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