iPhone users now have plenty of nav app options to go with, if they haven’t bought a GPS yet. There’s TomTom, Navigon and now even iGo has landed on Apple’s handset. The Hungarian blogger who showed us the app for the first time and detailed it is back, with an in-car video demo of iGo My Way for iPhone:


The app looks great on the handset and its interface is very fluid. Portrait and landscape mode are both supported and the 3D UI is very helpful, plus that car cradle seems to fit the phone perfectly. The software senses the direction change immediately, so the response is not an issue and at some point you can even see the Nav N Go (iGo makers) headquarters nearby, which is a great, just for kicks.

We remind you that the iPhone will run the iGo Amigo version, that will be available for $75, bundled with maps.

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