Internet Explorer 6 Mobile will hit Windows Mobile devices in 2009, but till then we can explore its features thanks to a preview video you can check out below. You’ll see IE6 running on HTC Touch HD, thanks to MoDaCo and their modified ROM.

Remember that installing a tweaked ROM can damage your device and void your warranty so backup and do it at your own risk, or skip it. Back to the preview, it’s clear that the browser needs some improvements but it’s far better than it predecessors and a nice replacement for Pocket Internet Explorer.

As we’ve seen in the video the browser will allow you to tap and hold on a Flash video in order to get the option of going full screen (this applies to YouTube). IE6 supports Flash and AJAX, gets a better rendering engine, but if you’re searching for top notch browsing, there’s always the brilliant Skyfire and Opera Mobile 9.5.

[via Pocketnow]