If you’re looking for an alternative to Safari, Opera Mini or IE Mobile, there’s always Iris, a browser that may not be as popular as the ones mentioned before, but it’s at least as good. Here’s a video demo of this software, working on an E-TEN Glofiish device:

Iris delivers a full web experience to mobile phones, but also to set-top boxes, MIDs, PMPs, UMPCs and other portable devices. The browser works on Windows Mobile 6, Qt embedded 2.3, Qtopia core 4.3 and Qtopia 4.3 and features advanced mobile key navigation and Netscape plug-in API. Among its core features there’s the zoom and tap function, multiple windows and tabs, various input methods and special effects.

Iris can store bookmarks and cookies efficiently, it has history auto-complete, pop-up blockers and favourite icons and history. For more details on this product check out its official page.