Rumors about a supposed “hero” Nokia Lumia device coming to Verizon have been available for over a month now. However, the rumors have failed to produced solid proof up until now. In January we’ve heard of a model codenamed Laser, that would make an appearance around the same time as the Nokia model called Catwalk.



Now we get a screenshot supposedly from Verizon’s internal system, showing a new line of Nokia devices. We spot the Nokia Lumia 822 in gray, red and white and then a newcomer, going by the name of Nokia Lumia 928. It was entered into the system in mid January, back when the rumors started. It also fits with the time when the device Nokia RM-860 hit the FCC. The device is expected to be at least as appealing as the Nokia Lumia 920, that AT&T has been selling since the debut of Windows Phone 8.

From what we know so far, the Nokia Lumia 928 will support a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and from the recently leaked FCC sketch, it will look nothing like the Lumia 920. With a new Pureview supposed to come to USA soon, could this be it? Or jus the Catwalk model that’s supposed to be a minor Lumia 920 update?

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