While Samsung may have an almost monopoly on OLED panels, LG Display is making strides in the field, so much appreciated that they just scored a trifecta of great partners. Turns out that Microsoft, Google and Apple will get their flexible OLED panels from LG Display in the future.


That doesn’t come as a big surprise, since for example the iPhone 8 is rumored to bring an OLED panel, be it flexible or not. The Google and Microsoft part is more intriguing though. There’s potential for a Surface Phone with flexible OLED screen, as well as a future Google Pixel smartphone with the same getup. However, with the Surface Phone rumored for 2018, LG has a lot of time to develop its tech.

LG’s flexible displays are supposed to be used on foldable devices, that also have a mechanism keeping the screen stretched over the outer surface. Such panels have been in the making for a while now, with Samsung’s versions of it letting the OLEDs bend a bunch of times in the bend area without picture deterioration. I’m sure we’ll see prototypes come CES 2017.

via Phone Arena