Remember LG eXpo, the first 1 GHz smartphone in the US? We’ve got a cool demo of the handset in the video below and we learn that it’ll use a very interesting authentication technology from AuthenTec, the Smart Sensor, recognizing fingerprints and more:


This will make you forget about PINs and passwords, making your rely on fingerprints. LG eXpo is a Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone, ready for launch via AT&T on December 7, for about $200. The Smart Sensor will also allow you to control media features and place the cursors wherever you like in a text message or email.

An interesting feat of this phone is its projector optional accessory, that’ll be connected to the handset via a bunch of contacts at the top, hidden by the battery cover. Said projector will support both landscape and portrait mode and it’ll allow the user to view an image with a diameter of up to 40 inches, at a maximum distance of 8 feet.

Perfect for PowerPoint presentations? You bet!



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