LG has been having a limited offering when it comes to the Windows Phone models, with the mere Quantum model being present on AT&T starting one year ago. Since then the company has only upgraded its LG Optimus 7 model with Jil Sander looks and that’s about… Just when I was starting to wonder if LG was out of the WP7 world, a leak happens…


Meet the LG Fantasy, a Windows Phone device that might launch next year and bring LG back into the WP world. This leak is accompanied by rumors saying that the phone packs a 4 inch IPS display, a 5 or 8 megapixel camera and we’re to expect this unit to debut around the time of the CES 2012 show in Las Vegas next month. Its design, especially that metal band around the middle area makes me think of the design of the LG Optimus Pad tablet.

There’s no indication of what this model has special, but considering Nokia Lumia 900 is rumored to also come at CES with Windows Phone Tango, could the LG Fantasy also be showcased with the same fresh OS?

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