Believe it or not, some lucky folks out there are playing with Windows Phone 7 handsets as we speak. Most of them are developers, like the ones of Innovative Singapore, who recently received their LG Panther (GW910) WP7 device, for testing purposes.


Obviously, they took photos of the handset and packaging, available for you all to see right here. The package isn’t finalized yet and the device is a prototype for now. The OS on it is constantly getting new builds and back to the box , it’s not even using the correct Windows Phone 7 logo, so it’s not finished yet.

In spite of this being a prototype, the phone comes with full features and it’s very fast and responsive. At this moment, the lucky users rely on a special build of the desktop Zune software (Dorado) to sync with the handset. Last, we learn that the camera is simply great and the photos it takes are very sharp.

[via wmexperts]

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