Consider this LG’s take on the Nintendo DS, or a brand new patent for dual-screen smartphones, that the company recently applied for. One of their applications covers a traditional slider with dual screens, while the other focuses on a body styling involving an opening and closing mechanism based on a gear.

These devices will rely on one screen for viewing content and the other for customization for more than one use. These include a virtual keyboard, a media control section or an extended area of the first display, for example for viewing a larger version of a website or map.

If this contraption reminds you of a Nintendo DS, this is no coincidence, since it really is similar to the famous Japanese product. What we’re really interested in is the gear-based mechanism, that pushes the secondary screen out of the handset, while the main screen is tilted at an angle. If you can’t imagine this, picture a HTC TyTN II, HTC Touch Pro 2 or Nokia N97.

Seems that hinges are the way to go these days, with Acer introducing the Iconia laptop and Toshiba having it Libretto W105 dual-screen device ready. Let’s not forget Nintendo and their DS versions…