LG has just launched a new creative brand campaign, meant to strengthen the company’s identity during these rough times of economic depression. LG is now defined by “stylish design and smart technology, in products that fit consumer’s lives”. “Life’s Good!” is still there, accompanied by neat media ads and an aggressive initiative.

The company has recently started a print ad campaign in the UK and TV ads in France, Australia, Brazil and Russia. LG’s attempting to create a unified message for the global market, as stated by Dermot Boden, CMO. This fresh campaign was created by the UK firm BBH and in case you want to see the new TV commercials for LG’s products you can check them out here.

There’s also a global brand campaign microsite here, showing the identity of LG’s product categories, touchscreen phones included. The latter are now defined by “touch screen expertise in mobile handsets” and you can’t argue with such a strong identity, can you?

We’d like to see Motorola pulling a stunt like that, in case the sleeping giant will ever awaken…