LG has just unveiled a brand new touchscreen phone, called the SU-100 and its main appeal might be that electronic Franklin Planner it includes. The app resembles a PC/Mobile PIM software that replaces Outlook and any other similar utility.

We don’t know if this will handle email too, but as far as planning goes, we’ve got a stunning app, just like the old school binders, but in a digital version. SU-100 also has a hot specs list that includes a 3 inch OLED touchscreen display, a 3 megapixel camera and a built in electronic dictionary.

Plus, among the features of this hot device you can also find S-DMB support, global roaming, Bluetooth and a web viewer. We’ll see the handset hitting the streets in Korea via SK Telecom, but its price is a mystery so far

[via Mobility Site]