Aegis Mobility, a Canadian software company finally came up with a solution for drivers who can’t keep their eyes on the road, once their phone starts ringing. We’re talking about a software, named DriveAssistT, that will hold the driver’s calls and text messages, till he’s not behind the wheel any more.

The caller won’t be completely cut off, but he’ll hear a message saying that the person he’s looking for is driving right now and can’t answer. In case you’re really calling about an emergency, there’s the option of leaving an urgent message, played immediately for the driver. Aegis will have to work with carriers in order to implement this technology as a paid service, designed to make driving safer.

The software uses the handset’s GPS chip to detect motion and a cell-tower signal and it’ll be managed remotely via a website. Aegis will launch DriveAssistT together with an insurance company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.

[via CBS News]