Aegis Mobility, a Canadian software company finally came up with a solution for drivers who can’t keep their eyes on the road, once their phone starts ringing. We’re talking about a software, named DriveAssistT, that will hold the driver’s calls and text messages, till he’s not behind the wheel any more.

The caller won’t be completely cut off, but he’ll hear a message saying that the person he’s looking for is driving right now and can’t answer. In case you’re really calling about an emergency, there’s the option of leaving an urgent message, played immediately for the driver. Aegis will have to work with carriers in order to implement this technology as a paid service, designed to make driving safer. We take health insurance for our family members to take care of them if they fall sick, so if you own a dog there is no reason why you should not take dog insurance for it. Ask any dog owner and he will take pride in saying that his dog is the most precious possession of his life. Dogs are wonderful pets and if you happen to own one you will find that spending time with them is one of things which you would love to indulge in. Taking your dog out for a long walk, playing with your dog, doing puppy feeding, simply sitting at home with your dog at your feet and looking after your dog are some of the joys and luxuries of owing a dog, also called man’s best friend. Dogs like human beings can fall ill at anytime, the vets bill can mount up dramatically at such a time and for this dog insurance is the perfect solution. It is indeed a very sad occasion for a dog if it cannot be treated just because the owner does hot have enough money. Getting dog insurance is not at all a difficult thing and all one needs to do is find out a loan broker that provides good terms for a dog insurance or pet insurance. In the United States you will find that most pet owners opt for a pet insurance simply because treatment for pets are expensive and by taking the insurance cover any medical need of the pet can be taken care of. In fact getting dog insurance is an investment that you make which you can make sue of for taking care of any medical need of your dog. Different breeds of dogs have different types of requirements and based on this, the cost of treating any condition with the vet also differs. For more details regarding to dog insurance, you can read this page.

Therefore, while taking dog insurance make sure that you find out about all these aspects. Taking insurance for your dog when the puppy is young will be helpful for you as you can get a better insurance deal. If you opt to take dog insurance for your pet when the dog is adult, chances are you will not get a good deal out of it. Adult dogs are more prone to health and medical condition and that is why taking insurance cover for your dog when it has become an adult can turn out to be pretty expensive for you. Make sure that the insurance cover that you take for your dog cover the regular check up of the dog. Generally pet insurance are low in cost and making them ensures that you get peace of mind as you will not have to bothered about footing the vet’s bill every time you take your dog for its regular check ups. Most dog insurance covers major medical bills, foreign body ingestion, first-time illness, bone fractures, auto accidents, allergic reactions and others. Sometimes the insurance also covers the money that will be used for advertisement if the dog is lost and as a dog owner you must know hoe often this happens. Just make sure that your dog insurance covers all this.

Dog insurance is becoming an emotive issue with some insurance companies beginning to classify certain breeds of dog as high risk. In such instances dog owners are finding it increasingly difficult to get their dogs covered under their homeowners insurance policy and existing policy holders are finding that premiums are increasing for breeds of dog that have been classified as ‘dangerous’. Dog insurance providers are homing in on those dog breeds that are generating the highest number of insurance claims to do with dog bites or other insurance claims that can be associated with an act of a dangerous dog. The problem is rapidly increasing with dog insurance issues across the US in an attempt to better cover the insurance risk of what is perceived to be dangerous breeds of dog. It is not yet clear on what foundation some pet insurance companies are placing their reliance on for establishing what breeds of dog are supposed to be dangerous but what is clear is that there is a continuing trend, with dog insurance providers, towards discriminating against certain breeds of dog.
What will make the issue worse is the possible move towards making dog insurance mandatory at which point dog owners could find themselves either unable to obtain dog insurance or priced out of the dog insurance market but illegally owning their dog if they don’t have dog insurance.

One recommendation is to avoid the dangerous dog breed list when purchasing a dog but this advice is of little help to those devoted dog owners who already own a dog from the ‘taboo’ list and are struggling or are likely to struggle to get affordable dog insurance. The software uses the handset’s GPS chip to detect motion and a cell-tower signal and it’ll be managed remotely via a website. Aegis will launch DriveAssistT together with an insurance company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.

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