After quite a long wait, the Modu phone has finally launched in Israel, via the local carrier Cellcom. There’s even a hands on experience to prove it, courtesy of the folks of Mobo.



From their detailed analysis, we learn that this is a world record phone, probably the smallest handset around. Modu comes with 5 navigation keys and the standard call and end call buttons, which make the user’s experience quite intuitive. The opposite can be said about entering text on this handset, since it involves using a virtual keypad and picking each letter with the directional keys.


The main device’s screen is a 1.3 inch color OLED and the UI is nothing to talk about, but the real charm are the modular phone’s jackets. Inside Modu’s box there’s also a micro USB cable, the software CDs and a headset. Back to the jackets (cases that expand the functionality of the phone), they make the device more usable, by adding a keypad/more buttons, but what we’re really waiting for is a touchscreen jacket.

That’s coming in the not so remote future, according to the company’s officials and if you want more details regarding Modu, here’s the full hands on treatment.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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