The famous Moto Maker program is one of the best ways to customize a phone we know of. The program was launched for the Moto X, allowing the users to customize the device’s back case and now we get new color options and a discount.



The new color choices are part of a brand new “College Collection”, created specifically with college students in mind. That means we’ll be dressing up the Moto X to fit the clothes you’re wearing or the car you’re driving, for example. Moto partnered with a case company to offer clear cases that add the school’s logo at extra cost.

You’re not restricted to use the patterns in any combination, that aligns with school colors. You can also use the Moto Maker to put together the case of your dream. Motorola also has a special deal for Moto X shoppers with school affiliations, cutting $60 from the cost of an off contract Moto X for people with valid .edu mail addresses.

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