Remember this piece regarding the issue that affected a small number of Motorola CLIQ owners updating their devices via OTA? A Motorola representative recently informed us that there’s a workaround solution available now, solving any problem with the device.


The CLIQ 1.3.18 is the over the air software that began rolling out to consumers last week, with a small number of users reporting a date error and improper functioning of their devices. The workaround for this problem can be found on the support section of the Motorola website.

Moto apologizes for this issue and claims that the update is being revised, in order to dismiss the workaround and have it working properly. Consumers will be notified once their handsets can update to the revised software version. Here’s what Motorola wrote to us:

“To our consumers who downloaded the update and their device is working properly, no further action is needed. To our consumers who never received a notification to download the update, please do not take further action. You will be notified on your device when the revised update is available to you. To consumers who received an error or whose device date reads December 31, 1969, please visit the support site listed above for assistance.”

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